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Treatment and Management of HIV Infection in the United States
Treatment and Management of HIV Infection in the United States
APRIL 30 - MAY 2, 2015
Renaissance Dallas
Dallas, Texas

The 2015 American Conference
for the Treatment of HIV will be held
in Dallas, Texas.

April 30 - May 2, 2015
Renaissance Dallas Hotel
Dallas, Texas

The 9th annual ACTHIV is a state-of-the-science conference specifically targeted toward US frontline providers of care to persons at risk of, or with HIV infection.

Registration Fees:

  • Early Bird Registration
    (Extended to March 15, 2015): $400
  • Late Registration
    (After March 15, 2015): $500
  • Residents/Fellows/Students: $275

View the 2015 Conference Agenda


  • Excellent speakers and interactive sessions
  • Wide variety of relevant topics covered within a short time frame
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Exhibit Hall and Poster Session activities
  • Physicians In Training Track

¡°I absolutely loved this conference. It allowed us to network with other HIV providers, learn the most recent guidelines, and inspired me to do and learn more about HIV management. I also plan to seek certification as an HIV Specialist.¡± ¡ªPrevious Attendee

¡°Over the last 3 years I have attended Seattle¡¯s annual STDHIV update, and felt this [ACTHIV] conference was more educational and practical to my field. I look forward to sharing my experience with colleagues and hope that next year they will be able to attend this conference with me.¡± ¡ªPrevious Nurse Attendee

What past attendees are saying¡­¡­...

"Each topic had true clinical applicability. The interactive questions were great. As a pharmacist, my favorite session was the one on drug interactions" ¨C Pharmacist Attendee

"A lot of educational opportunities are available to pharmacists but I have found the up-to-date information provided by this meeting is well worth the registration fee. The speakers are often well respected leaders in area of HIV treatment and research. The education provided is very focused and directed. The design of the program is great and provides so much information in a short period of time.¡± ¡ªPrevious Pharmacist Attendee

¡°This conference is simply the best HIV meeting for front-line (non-research) clinicians.¡± ¡ªPrevious Physician Attendee

¡°The faculty all exceeded my expectations. They have such a passion to share what they know so we all can provide better care to the patients.¡± ¡ªPrevious Nurse Practitioner Attendee

This live activity is jointly provided by


Contact Information:

1629 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006
P: (540) 368-1739 * F: (540) 374-5298