2011 Posters

ACTHIV 2011 Posters

The Dark Horse Project

A Multidisciplinary Coordination of Patient Support Groups for HIV Patients with Multiple Adherence Barriers Improves Patient Outcomes

Using Capacity Planning Models to Estimate Organizational Costs of HIV Care within the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Implementing a Rapid HIV Testing/Linkage to Care Project Among Homeless Individuals in Los Angeles County

Quality of Diabetes Care for HIV-Infected Patients in a National Healthcare System

The Challenges And Facilitators Of Implementing Nurse-Initiated Rapid Hiv Testing In High PrevalencePrimary Care Settings Within The U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs

Evaluating the Implementation of Nurse-Initiated HIV Rapid Testing in VA Substance Use Disorder Clinics

Pooled Week 48 Effi cacy and Safety Results from ECHO and THRIVE, Two Double-blind, Randomized, Phase III TrialsComparing TMC278 versus Efavirenz in Treatment-naive, HIV-1-infected Patients

TMC278 Drug-Drug Interactions: An Overview

Week 96 Outcomes of Patients With Less Versus More Treatment Experience Receiving Etravirine in the DUET Trials