ACTHIV 2016 Conference Program

Thursday, April 28, 2016

HIV “The Basics”
Tonia Poteat, PhD, MPH, PA-C, Bill Kapogiannis, MD & Gina Brown, MD
8:30 8:35 AM Introduction
8:35 9:15 AM Understanding the HIV Epidemic in Your Community
Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD, Emory University
9:15 9:55 AM Find your Patient and Keep them Coming Back
Michael J. Mugavero, MD, MHSc, Associate Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham
9:55 10:10 AM BREAK
10:10 10:50 AM ART and Making it Work
Renslow Sherer M.D. University of Chicago
10:50 11:30 AM Not just HIV: OIs and Viral Hepatitis
Wari Allison, MBBS, PhD; Healthcare Australia (HCA)
11:30 12:00 PM Discussion
12:00 1:00 PM Lunch – Exhibits, Symposium
Roger Bedimo, MD, MS & Donna Futterman, MD
1:00 1:45 PM After START – New Paradigm for treatment/care
1:45 2:15 PM Patient perspective on HIV Treatment
2:15 3:00 PM BREAK
Session 1- Treatment of HIV and Hepatitis Viral Infections
Harry Lampiris, MD,  Sue Weiss, FNP, & Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH
3:00 3:30 PM HIV Pathogenesis – Virus or Host?
Turner Overton, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine University of Alabama at Birmingham
3:30 4:00 PM Meds Overview and Current Guidelines
(includes Hep B tx)
4:00 4:30 PM Resistance and Important Drug interactions
4:30 5:00 PM Switching ART- Cases
 Joel Gallant, MD, MPH, Southwest CARE Center, Santa Fe, NM, Johns Hopkins University, University of New Mexico
5:00 7:30 PM RECEPTION (and Possible Symposium)
5:30 6:30 PM Providers in Training Orientation

Friday, April 29, 2016

Asa Radix, MD, MPH, Elizabeth Connick, MD, Maggie Chartier, PsyD, MPH
7:45 8:45 AM Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS): How to Prevent, Recognize, and Treat It
William R. Short, MD, MPH, AAHIVS Associate Professor of Medicine Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania
7:45 8:45 AM HIV Care in the Current Funding Environment
7:45 8:45 AM Cardiovascular Issues in HIV
8:45 9:00 AM BREAK
Polly Ross, MD & Cheryl Smith, MD
9:00 9:30 AM Transmission Dynamics- Epi and Target Vulnerable communities
9:30 10:00 AM Looking in the Right Places: Practical Outreach for Testing and Prevention
Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD Emory University
10:00 10:30 AM Engagement & Retention/Adherence
10:30 11:00 AM BREAK
11:00 11:30 AM The Door is Open – PrEP in Practice
Antonio E. Urbina, MD Associate Professor of Medicine Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai Hospital
11:30 12:00 PM Sexually Transmitted Infections: Your Doorway to Opportunities
Laura Hinkle Bachmann, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine; Wake Forest University Health Sciences Winston-Salem, NC; Co-Director
Alabama/North Carolina STD Prevention Training Center
12:00 12:30 PM Discussion- Q&A
12:30 2:00 PM Lunch – Exhibits, Symposium
Session 3- HEPATITIS
Vin Lo Re, MD, MSCE & Ron Wilcox, MD
2:00 2:30 PM Epidemiology & Pathogensis of Hepatitis
2:30 3:00 PM ASLD/IDSA HCV Treatment Guidelines
Arthur Y. Kim, MD Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School
3:00 3:30 PM BREAK
3:30 4:00 PM HIV & Viral Hepatits (HCV & HBV) – drug interactions, etc.
4:00 4:30 PM Challenges in Access to Hepatitis C Care
Jay Kostman, MD, Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers
4:30 5:00 PM Case Disc- HCV & HBV co-infection w HIV – drug/drug rxn; stopping rx
5:30 7:00 PM Resident Case Discussion
Possible Symposium 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Asa Radix, MD, MPH, Elizabeth Connick, MD, Maggie Chartier, PsyD, MPH
7:45 8:45 AM Meet the Professor Case Discussions 
7:45 8:45 AM Substance Use and Mental Health Concerns with HIV: A Case for Integrated Care
William Hua, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, Liver and Infectious Diseases Clinic San Francisco VA Medical Center; Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry University of California-San Francisco
7:45 8:45 AM More on Drug-Drug Interactions (HIV & Hep Tx)
8:45 9:00 AM BREAK
Session 4: Special Issues- Comorbidities/Complications
William Short, MD, MPH, Maggie Hoffman-Terry,MD, FACP, AAHIVS & Rajesh Ghandi, MD
9:00 9:30 AM Renal Issues
9:30 10:00 AM Dermatology in HIV and Hepatitis
Toby Maurer, MD, Professor, University of California, San Francisco
10:00 10:30 AM Cancer & HPV
10:30 11:00 AM HIV and Bone Disease: Through Thick and Thin
Speaker: Pablo Tebas, MD
11:00 11:30 AM BREAK
Session 5: Special Considerations
Diane Rausch, PhD & Melanie Thompson, MD
11:30 12:00 PM Mental Health Issues in HIV and Hepatitis
Ira B. Wilson, MD, MSc, Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice and Professor of Medicine, Brown University School of Public Health
12:00 12:30 PM Aging & Frailty
Victor Valcour MD PhD Professor of Geriatric Medicine UCSF Department of Neurology
12:30 12:45 PM Closing
12:45 1:15 PM HIV 2016: Recent Clinical Breakthroughs and What’s on the Horizon
Rajesh T. Gandhi, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital