Faculty Testimonial by Toby Mauer, MD

It has never been more important to hold this conference. We have spent the several years in the
pandemic and our HIV care and training has not received the attention that is needed. … I cannot tell
you how much it means that this conference met in-person so that we can inspire the next generation of
providers and refresh the training of providers who may not have been as involved in care and training
during the pandemic.


Faculty Testimonial by Sharon Lee, MD

ACTHIV™ is an incredible conference. It brings together the latest research and shares it in a way that
frontline providers can use it. For those in the clinic it is difficult at times to keep up to date on all of the
details of the latest studies. This conference is the perfect place to learn how to apply the latest
information in clinical care.


Faculty Testimonial by Vincent Lo Re, MD, MSCE

I’ve always believed that ACTHIV™ is the premier conference dedicated to the education of frontline
providers caring for persons living with HIV. I love to attend the conference because it provides superb
updates on the basics of care of PWH, delivers information on new developments and research findings,
and provides terrific case-based learning that can be directly applied to a variety of clinical practice
settings. It also has been a great way to expand my professional network of HIV care providers, which
has helped me in my management of persons with HIV.


Faculty Testimonial by Jennifer Cocohoba, PharmD

What I love about attending ACTHIV™ is that it has extremely practical value for clinicians of all
disciplines. The conference holds a great balance between reviewing important foundational aspects of
caring for PWH and keeping you informed around new clinical developments and controversies. Every
session is carefully curated so that you walk out with at least one helpful clinical pearl that you can
directly apply to your own patient panel.


Faculty Testimonial By Renslow Sherer, MD

One amazing quality of ACTHIV™ is the attention given to the interdisciplinary health care team in HIV
prevention and care. This is reflected in the diverse faculty planners and presenters, and in the content
of the presentations. ACTHIV™ maintains a laser focus on the best practices for each member of the
health care team to achieve the best possible patients care and disease prevention.