Reflections from Past Participants

I really enjoyed being exposed to both inpatient and outpatient management. There’s just no replacement for one-on-one time with an experienced provider where you can ask questions about clinical care. And now I have a broader network of experienced providers I can continue to reach out to and ask questions of. I also saw the multidisciplinary services that the site had available, and I saw the importance of advocating for more of these services in my clinic.


The preceptorship was valuable to me as a non-ID-trained physician. Today we see more and more that primary care clinicians are being encouraged to provide HIV as well as primary care to their HIV-infected clients. An opportunity like this preceptorship offers primary care clinicians a valuable experience and insights into how we can effectively provide both primary care and HIV-management for our patients.



It was a great experience. My preceptor has so much knowledge. For me specifically, even though my prior training was in the same city, the setting, patient population and clinical practice patterns were different. This experience therefore gave me greater insight into how different clinicians practice.



The preceptorship was a very valuable experience.  It was nice to compare my practices to those of a leader in HIV care.  I learned quite a bit regarding HIV resistance testing.

—Nurse Practitioner


I found this to be a very valuable experience. As a fellow who has worked primarily in one city, it showed me another model of care. The demographics of the patients I saw during the preceptorship were also different from the patients I currently see. These demographics bring with them different social issues that I don’t typically deal with. At the same time, the clinical parts of the preceptorship offered a good reinforcement of the principals of HIV care that I learned during my fellowship.