Weight Gain

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Weight Gain and Integrase Inhibitors
**No Longer Available for Credit**

Consider the Following Case:

Amanda, a 46-year-old African American female, presents to your office for a follow-up visit.  She was diagnosed with HIV 10 years ago and has been doing well on a regimen of TDF/FTC/EFV with consistent viral suppression. In the past, she has declined a switch off efavirenz (EFV). She presents today and is ready to discuss a change. After a discussion, you both decide to change her regimen to TAF/FTC and DTG. She switches and has no tolerability issues.

Amanda returns in 1 month for a follow-up visit and complains that her clothes are tight and she has noticed a 10-pound weight gain since she started taking the regimen.


  • BP 128/80 mmHg
  • CD4 count-800 cells/mm3
  • HIV viral load-< 20 copies/mL

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Amanda asks if you think the new regimen is causing her weight gain. How do you counsel her?
  2. Would you switch her regimen? If so, to what?